Picking the 5 Best Maca Supplements

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Maca, a root plant, has gained exceptional popularity in the last couple of years. The plant has been associated with several benefits in the body, but for most, it is the fact that the plant extract might improve their libido what causes them to find these supplements interesting.

Maca root is also an incredible source of nutrients, loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. With all of the benefits associated with Maca in mind, you might be looking for one of the top supplements to help you experience these advantages. We share our findings of the best maca supplements in this post.

Top 5 MACA Supplements

When you start looking at maca supplements, you will notice that the market is filled with these products. With a ton of brands in the industry offering you a product that contains maca root extract, the choice of choosing one particular brand to buy from becomes very hard.

After spending quite some time researching and reviewing the top-rated options, we present to you the five best maca products that are currently available on the market.

1. Nugenix Essentials Maca Extract

Nugenix Essentials Maca Extract

The Nugenix Essentials Maca Extract Supplement is perfect if you need something that is more potent than the majority of alternative options you can find on the market.

The product does come with a somewhat premium price tag, at $21.99 per bottle. Each bottle gives you 90 capsules, but a single serving consists of three pills, which means that you only get a one-month supply per container.

A special MacaPrime extraction method is used by the manufacturer to enhance the bioavailability of the active compounds. The supplement also has a 0.6% macaenes and macamides concentration, which refers to the compounds in the maca plant that have been linked to many medicinal actions.


  • 1500mg Dose of Maca extract in each serving.
  • Uses authentic Peruvian Maca.
  • MacaPrime extraction method for better absorption.


  • High price considering each bottle only provides a 30-day supply.
  • Low concentration rate.
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2. aSquared Nutrition Pure Black Maca Root

Asquared Nutrition Pure Black Maca Root

The aSquared Nutrition Pure Black Maca Root Supplement uses a specially prepared formula to give you a supplement that is easier on your digestive tract, while still giving you the natural chemicals and nutrients that Maca is known to possess.

The gelatinized maca is boiled, which helps to reduce the starch content on the root of the plant. When the starch is reduced, it is easier for the gut to digest the extract.

The manufacturer also claims that the nutrients found in the maca plant are more concentrated with the gelatinized process.

The product comes with 180 capsules in the bottle, with a 1000mg dose of the maca root extract in each serving. Since two capsules make up a serving, each bottle will last you a period of 90 days.


  • 180 Capsules in each bottle.
  • High-strength 1000mg dosage in each serving.
  • Peru-sourced gelatinized Maca extract.


  • Maca root is somewhat processed during the manufacturing of the supplement.
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3. Toniiq Single Origin Wildcrafted Maca Root 

Toniiq Single Origin Wildcrafted Maca Root

The Toniiq Single Origin Wildcrafted Maca Root Supplement is one of the most potent formulas that you will find on the market. The product features a 500mg dose per serving, but the manufacturer uses a concentrated extraction method that gives you a dose that is equivalent to 10,000mg of maca root powder.

The product comes at a very attractive price that falls just under $15. Each bottle contains a total of 90 capsules. With a single capsule to be taken per day, it means that one container will last you a period of three months.

The supplement uses a combination of black, yellow, and red maca root extract in order to give you a combined effect, which might provide an improved range of benefits compared to a single root product.


  • 20x Potency concentrated Maca extract
  • 10,000mg Equivalent dose of Maca per serving.
  • Gelatinized complex extract.


  • It contains magnesium stearate.
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4. Oregon’s Wild Harvest Maca Root

Oregons Wild Harvest Maca Root

Oregon’s Wild Harvest Maca Root Organic Herbal Supplement is a product perfect for those who prefer something that focuses on overall quality. The product is produced from Certified Organic Maca root extract.

The supplements cost just under $19, and each bottle comes with 90 capsules. A single serving consists of two capsules. Each container will provide you with an adequate supply of the supplement for 45 days. There is a 1230 mg dose of maca root in each serving.


  • Maca used in the production is Certified Organic.
  • 1230 mg of Maca extract per serving.
  • 90 Capsules in a bottle.


  • No details on the concentration strength provided.
  • Requires two capsules per serving.
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5. Nutricost Maca Root

Nutricost Maca Root

The Nutricost Maca Root Supplement is an ideal option if you are on a low budget, but would still like to see what this plant extract could do for you. The supplement comes in a bottle that contains 180 capsules.

With only a single capsule per serving, it means that one bottle will definitely last you a couple of months. The company also gives you an option to buy multiple bottles at the same time, which leads to a discounted rate.

Each capsule provides a 750mg dose of maca root extract. The Maca used in the production is Peruvian sourced. This is a non-GMO supplement. The supplement is also produced in a facility that is located within the United States.


  • 750mg Maca dose per serving.
  • 180 Capsules per bottle.
  • Bulk offers available at discounted rates.


  • It contains magnesium stearate.
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How We Ranked These Products

Maca has not only become popular among people who want to boost their sex drive but also among those with anxiety and other mood-related problems. The popularity of the product has caused many brands to offer maca root supplements.

These supplements often make a lot of promises, but you need to look closer at the supplement facts and other specific elements to determine which products are truly worth buying.

The criteria that we list below are what we took into consideration when we analyzed the variety of maca root supplements that are currently available on the market, which provided us with an opportunity to filter through these products and present you with the best ones that you can buy.

Maca Dose And Concentration

The first element we considered when we filtered through Maca supplements is the dose that the product provides. The amount of Maca root extract that is provided to you in each serving of these supplements is one of the key factors that will determine if the product will work for you.

You want to ensure that the supplement you buy has enough of this plant root extract to help boost your libido and mood, and offer you the other benefits associated with Maca. You do, however, also want to avoid taking a product that might cause you to suffer more serious side-effects due to an overpowering potency.

While Maca is generally considered safe, if you take too much of this supplement and you have an existing condition that is considered “hormone-sensitive,” then the disease you have been diagnosed with might be aggravated by the chemicals in this root extract.

Extraction And Processing

How maca root is processed and how the chemicals inside the plant are extracted are two other essential factors that we considered while filtering through the top-rated supplements that are currently on the market.

While the root of the Maca plant is considered to be a safe product to be used in the human body, some do believe that special preparation is needed as the raw plant might cause adverse health effects.

For this reason, a gelatinized process is sometimes preferred. During this process, the root is boiled at a specific temperature. This may also help the body digest the extract more easily while enhancing the availability of the nutrients found in the root.

Pricing And Product Value

It is definitely essential to consider which products are able to give you more value for the purchase you make. When it comes to looking at the value of a maca root supplement, however, it is not only the price per bottle that should be taken into account.

We considered the number of capsules the manufacturer offers in each bottle. We also took into account the dose of Maca root that you get with a single serving of the product, as well as the number of servings that are included in a container.

Wrapping Up

With maca root becoming a popular supplement among both men and women, providing a boost in sexual function, while also addressing mood-related issues, and more, many companies are starting to launch their own versions of these products.

It is, however, important that you do some research before deciding which supplement to buy. If you want to try Maca for yourself, be sure to start with the five top supplements that we shared with you.

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