Picking the 5 Best Green Tea Extract Supplements

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Green tea is traditionally enjoyed by straining the leaves in hot water. In recent times, companies have started to extract the active chemicals in this plant to produce supplements.

Green tea extracts have been scientifically proven to produce several health benefits in the human body. The main active chemical in the extract is known as EGCG, which is a potent antioxidant.

They have also been shown to act as an anti-anxiety compound. These extracts also boost the metabolic rate in the human body and may also cause energy expenditure to increase.

There are a lot of green tea extract supplements available today. Not all of these give you the dosage needed to benefit from the active chemicals truly. We share the best options you should consider in this post.

The 5 Best Green Tea Extract Supplements

With these products becoming more popular, you might be interested in finding out which of them could help you lose weight, improve cognitive functioning, and maybe even reduce symptoms of anxiety. A lot of companies offer these supplements, making it hard for you to decide which one will be the best option.

Below, you will find five of the top green tea extracts that are currently available on the market.

1. NOW Supplements Green Tea Extract (400mg)

Now Supplements Green Tea Extract 400mg

The NOW Supplements Green Tea Extract gives you access to an affordable option that still offers an adequate dose. The product contains a 40% catechin concentration, which is relatively standard for these types of products.

Each serving gives you a 400 mg dose. There is a maximum of 32mg of caffeine content in each serving. While only one serving is advised per day, some people will find that they need to take multiple doses to really experience the benefits. There are 250 capsules in each bottle.

In addition to the green tea extract, the supplement also contains added vitamin C. This helps to add to the antioxidant potential of the product. A 60mg dose of vitamin C is included in each serving.


  • Affordable considering 250 capsules per container.
  • 40% catechin content.
  • Added vitamin C improves the antioxidant activity of the supplement.
  • Vegetarian products with no animal-derived ingredients.


  • Relatively high dosage of caffeine in each serving.
  • There are more potent options on the market.
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2. Healths Harmony Green Tea Extract 98% Capsules

Healths Harmony Green Tea Extract 98 Capsules

The Healths Harmony option offers a high-quality product that still comes at an affordable price. Each serving of this supplement gives you a 1000 mg dose of green tea extract, which is more potent than many competitor options. A serving consists of two tablets and should be taken once a day.

The supplement is rated non-GMO and produced in a factory that follows strict GMP guidelines. There is a 75% catechin concentration in the Healths Harmony Green Tea Extract Supplement. EGCG content also rates at a minimum of 45%, providing at least 450 mg of these potent chemicals in each serving.

The only active ingredient used in this supplement is natural green tea extract. The product does contain Gelatin, which makes it not an ideal option for people who are vegans. There are 120 capsules in each bottle, providing a 60-day supply.


  • High-strength formula with 1000 mg dose per serving.
  • Contains added EGCG, the active medicinal compound in green tea.
  • Non-GMO product means a safer supplement.
  • 75% catechin concentration.


  • Gelatin capsule makes this product inappropriate for vegans.
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3. Natures Wellness EGCG Green Tea Extract Capsules

Natures Wellness Egcg Green Tea Extract Capsules

The Natures Wellness option offers a lab-tested supplement that is made in a facility that closely follows the standards that have been specified by the GMP. The product provides a 500mg dose of green tea extract in each serving but does not provide details on the catechin concentration.

The manufacturer does state that a high EGCG and catechin content is found in each capsule. A single capsule is advised per serving – which should only be taken once a day. With 120 capsules in each bottle, you get up to four months’ worth of capsules in a container.

The Natures Wellness EGCG Green Tea Extract Capsules do not contain any type of artificial ingredients. There are also no added appetite suppressants, as often found in green tea supplements.


  • Lab-tested supplement and made locally in the USA.
  • 120-day supply per bottle.
  • Produced in FDA-approved facility that follows GMP standards.
  • No artificial ingredients used in the supplement’s formula.


  • Higher price compared to some competitors.
  • No details on catechin concentration.
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4. Zenwise Health Vegan Green Tea Extract with EGCG & Vitamin C

Zenwise Health Vegan Green Tea Extract With Egcg & Vitamin C

This  Zenwise Health Vegan product is another relatively potent option. The product offers a 725 mg green tea extract dose in each serving, which consists of just one single capsule. The 98% polyphenols content also helps to provide more effective results.

The supplement contains 50% EGCG, which makes it potent and is likely to produce more beneficial effects in terms of boosting memory and metabolism. There are, however, no details provided on the concentration of catechins that are contained in the supplement.

The Zenwise Health Vegan green tea extract option does contain one additional ingredient. This is a 60 mg dose of vitamin C in each serving. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that also forms part of the essential nutrients that the body requires.


  • 98% Polyphenols concentration with 50% EGCG content.
  • Added vitamin C makes this a more powerful antioxidant supplement.
  • Non-GMO supplement.
  • Discounted deals when buying multiple bottles at once.


  • Details on catechin concentration not provided.
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5. aSquared Nutrition Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG

Asquared Nutrition Green Tea Extract Supplement With Egcg

The aSquared Nutrition option with added EGCG is a higher-priced choice that focuses on giving you a quality product. The supplement offers a 500 mg dose of green tea extract in each serving.

The product has a 98% polyphenol rating and contains at least 75% catechins. Additionally, the product has a minimum EGCG concentration of 45%. There is about 15 mg caffeine content in each serving, which is something to be noted – although this is lower than some alternative green tea supplements.

Due to the use of gelatin in the production of these capsules, this product is not an option to be considered by vegans. The aSquared Nutrition Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • A 98% Polyphenol rating with 500 mg dose per pill.
  • Low caffeine content reduces the risk of sensitive reactions.
  • A 75% catechin concentration provides a more potent dose of the beneficial chemicals in green tea.
  • 180 capsules per container.


  • Price is higher than many competitor supplements.
  • A relatively low dosage of green tea extract per serving.
  • Contains gelatin.
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How We Ranked These Products

We did extensive research in order to filter through many supplements that contain green tea extracts. To bring you only the best options you can choose from, we looked at specific factors to filter out the products that will not provide you with value for your money. You will discover the specific elements that we looked at to find the top green tea extract supplements that you can buy right now.

Catechin Content

One of the first things to look at is the concentration of catechins that the green tea extract supplement contains. The concentration tells you how potent the formula is. A higher concentration means you are likely to experience more benefits provided by the green tea extract. A standard concentration for catechins is 40%. There are some of these supplements that will contain a higher or lower concentration, however.

Green Tea Extract Dosage

The dosage of green tea extract is another important factor to look at. Even when the concentration of catechins is high, a low dose will reduce the impact that the supplement will have on your health. Look for a product that can give you an adequate dose – most people find that about 400 mg and upward tend to offer them with appropriate results. A more potent dose of green tea extract may be needed if you do not experience significant benefits with such a product – but this does increase the amount of caffeine you obtain per serving.

Added Ingredients

Some of the green tea supplements on the market contain added ingredients. The idea behind these ingredients would usually be to give you a more potent effect and to offer more health-related benefits. Look closely at the added ingredients and evaluate whether these are truly necessary.

Wrapping Up

Green tea is known for its ability to boost metabolism, which could assist in weight loss. These supplements may also improve mental functioning and might also be useful as a way of reducing the risk of certain cancers. We analyzed quite a few green tea extracts on the market to bring you the top options worth considering if you want to experience the full benefits of the active chemicals.

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