Picking the 7 Best Food Scales to Consider for 2020

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The food scale is a staple kitchen item. We use food scales when preparing food to make sure we stick to the recipe.

Buying the first food scale you see is not the best strategy because it may not live up to your needs and expectations. If you’re looking for the best food scales, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to learn more about these useful devices and check out interesting scales that belong in your kitchen.

Why Use a Food Scale?

Even though some people can’t imagine cooking and preparing food without a food scale, some may wonder why they use this device.

Isn’t it just enough to use your own judgment?

In most cases, it’s not. We can’t always guess the right amount of some food just by looking at it. \

Reasons why you should use a food scale, in case you haven’t given it a try, are numerous. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages of these devices:

  • Makes it easier to follow the recipe
  • The best way to track your macros
  • Excellent for portion control and weight management
  • Great for converting measurements the easy way (digital scales can do it instantly)
  • Eliminates the need for multiple measuring cups and spoons
  • Easy to use
  • Compact in sizes and easily fits even the smallest kitchen counters.
  • A practical way to prevent nutritional deficiencies

7 Highest Rated Food Scales

Whether you’re looking for the new food scale or the very first one, these items can help you out. Scroll down to see the best food scales and see which one you like the most.

1. My Weigh Bakers Math Kitchen Scale KD8000

My Weigh Bakers Math Kitchen Scale Kd8000

MyWeigh is one of the most popular brands of food scales on the market with a wide range of products under its belt ranging from analog to hanging scales.

Their Bakers Math KD8000 Kitchen Scale has a capacity of 17lbs 9oz, and it’s very easy to use. For added convenience, this food scale also comes with a removable protective LCD display cover that protects against spills and messes caused by ingredients you’re weighing.

This way, the easy-to-read five-digit backlit LCD display with adjustable backlight retains its readability.

The stainless steel platform is also removable for easier maintenance, and the food scale also features programmable auto power-off.

Durability, AC operation, and several weighing modes are the most important advantages of this kitchen scale.

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2. Escali Primo P115C Precision Kitchen Food Scale

Escali Primo P115c Precision Kitchen Food Scale

Escali offers a full line of kitchen scales, but also makes body scales, kitchen thermometers, and timers.

The Primo P115C food scale measures 8.5x6x1.5 inches, and it has a capacity of 11lb. If your main criterion for a food scale is the ease of use, then Escali’s device is worth taking into consideration.

Two buttons are all you need to press in order to weigh food on this scale. The low battery indicator tells you when it’s time to insert new batteries, and this is particularly important if we bear in mind that many food scales don’t come with this feature.

The tare feature allows the food scale to subtract a container’s weight to obtain the weight of the ingredients inside. Not only is it spill-proof, but this device is also easy to clean and comes with a readable display.

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3. Taylor Precision Products 3842 Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale

Taylor Precision Products 3842 Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale

If you are looking for a food scale that doesn’t require using a separate food or container to put the food before weighing, then this is a great device to try. Made by Taylor Precision Products, a brand founded back in 1851; this food scale comes with a glass top where you can easily place ingredients you need to weigh.

For a hassle-free use, this food scale has intuitive features such as auto-off to save battery life, tare, and low battery indicator. The 0.5″ LCD display is readable and shows clear digits.

The capacity of this food scale is 11lbs, and the whole device is easy to clean and maintain.

The weighing surface is durable and resistant to both stain and odor. The sleek design allows the food scale to fit into any kitchen décor easily.

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4. GreaterGoods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Greatergoods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Anyone who needs a food scale to track their macros or count calories to follow their diet regimen could benefit from GreaterGoods Nourish Digital Food Scale. GreaterGoods is all about innovative approaches toward a healthier lifestyle, and their kitchen scale is the best proof of that.

This food scale features four precision sensors to ensure the highest accuracy.

At the same time, it also shows nutritional data for over 2000 foods, but it also allows custom entries. This way, it’s ideal for people who want to track their calorie intake to the point.

The durable tempered glass top has the capacity of up to 11lbs, while the tare/zero function allows users to measure messier ingredients in a separate bowl.

The non-slip, scratch-resistant fit allows the scale to sit firmly on the counter, which is particularly useful when there’s a lot of moving to go on as you cook.

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5. OXO 1130800 Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

Oxo 1130800 Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

The brand OXO has been in this industry for more than 25 years, and their products are well-known for their quality. This one is no exception.

This food scale was designed for simple use and functionality while retaining the accuracy and the sleek design. The capacity of this kitchen scale is 11lb, which is considered a standard and allows you to weigh basically everything you need while cooking and preparing your food.

What makes this kitchen scale unique is the pull-out display, and it’s quite simple. When measuring the tare weight of larger bowls or containers, users can literally pull the display of the scale-out and away from the device. This allows them to see the weight of the food clearly. In other words, OXO ensured easy readability at all times. The display itself is easy to read due to large digital numbers with optional backlight.

The stainless steel platform is removable and hand-washable. Measurements are provided in both grams and ounces so you can use whatever feels easier for you.

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6. Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale

Ozeri Zk14 S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale

Ozeri is a manufacturer of lifestyle products for the modern home, and besides quality, they also strive to make their items more accessible. Their Pronto food scale is one of the most affordable devices of this kind you can find on the market.

So if you’re on a tight budget, this item is worth considering.

The easy-to-use food scale has a capacity of 11.4lbs and features the Automatic Unit Button that instantly converts between five units of measurements and displays results on the LCD screen.

The numbers are readable and suit the overall elegant design of the scale perfectly. To operate the kitchen scale, you only need to use two buttons, which can be quite handy.

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7. Joseph Joseph 40071 TriScale Compact Folding Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Joseph Joseph 40071 Triscale Compact Folding Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Joseph Joseph created a unique food scale that, unlike others on this list, is foldable and ideal for people who don’t have too much space on the counter to position the kitchen scale and leave it that way.

Since you can fold it down, this food scale is easy to store. When closed, the scale measures 1.77×5.8×0.8 inches, while dimensions of the open food scale are 8.6×7.9×0.8 inches.

Don’t be fooled by the compact design; this kitchen scale has a capacity of 11lb.

Some of the greatest features of TriScale include an easy-to-read LCD display, touch-sensitive controls, and an auto power-off. The Add & Weigh feature allows users to measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl.

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How We Picked the Best Food Scales

If you are to search for food scales online, you will get hundreds of products to sift through. Vast selection can add further confusion and make it difficult to choose one specific device.

Our list aimed to help you out and simplify the process of buying a food scale. How did we rank these devices?

We took into consideration the following criteria:

  • Brand – bearing in mind that some brands aren’t linked with high-quality products we made sure the list features food scales made by reliable manufacturers
  • Durability – toughness is an important factor to consider when evaluating food scales, the key is to ensure you’ll be able to use the device every day for a long time without difficulties
  • Readability – since many food scales don’t have readable displays the goal was to focus on the devices that do, for more convenience and ease of use
  • Ease of use – the last thing people want when cooking and preparing food is to use a complicated food scale. Ease of use and simplicity go a long way
  • Price – not everyone’s budget is equal, which is why we made sure the list of the best food scales features devices that come at the different price ranges. The emphasis was on the best quality for a certain price
  • User reviews – customers have a lot to say about products they use, and their experiences are important when assessing the quality and reliability of food scales

How Do I Use a Food Scale?

Food scales are incredibly easy to use. But before you start using one, you need to determine the type of scale you want to use.

Some people prefer spring and weight scales, but most are more inclined towards digital scales, which are simple and straightforward.

Generally speaking, the simple food scales don’t come a user manual while the more advanced devices do. If the user manual comes with the scale, read it carefully.

Then proceed to zero out the scale. This process depends on the type of device. To zero out spring and weight scales, you may need to turn a knob on the scale to 0, but when it comes to digital devices, you’ll need to turn the scale on and wait until 0 shows on the display.

Some scales come with a built-in bowl or container, but most of them don’t. If the latter is the case with you, then make sure to weigh the bowl or container first so you can subtract that number once you weigh your food.

Then put the food you want to weigh into the bowl. Weigh the food and subtract the weight of the container, and the result will show just how much the food weighs.

When to Weigh Food: Raw or After Cooking?

The timing of weighing food is where most people disagree. Some people weigh food raw while others prefer after cooking.

Ideally, you should weigh food while it’s still raw. The reason is simple; raw ingredients haven’t been affected by cooking methods. This prevents discrepancies that would occur if you weigh food after cooking.

Let’s take mushrooms as an example. If you cook 100g mushrooms for a few minutes, they will reduce to 75g, but if you cook them for ten additional minutes, the weight may reduce to 40g.

If you weigh food after cooking, you’ll have to cook and prepare food the same way every time just to reach a certain nutritional value. But if you weigh them raw, the end weight of 100g mushrooms won’t affect the macronutrient breakdown.

If you want to get a more detailed insight, you may want to weigh both raw and after cooking. Although in a vast majority of cases weighing raw food is just enough.


There’s more to food scales than we think. Like everything else we buy, the food scale should meet our needs and preferences.

That’s the only way to get your money’s worth.

The vast selection of food scales allows you to choose the perfect device without too much trouble.

Throughout this post, you’ve seen the best food scales and learned a lot about the proper use of these devices. If you haven’t used scaled or weighed food properly, it’s never too late to start.

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