Picking the 9 Best Copper Supplements for 2020

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There are many minerals that play critical roles in the human body. When talking about minerals, many people tend to mention zinc, iron, and magnesium.

While these are some of the major minerals, there are many more that need attention.

Copper is one of the minerals that people need to ensure they consume. Adequate consumption of copper can provide several benefits for the human body.

Studies show that up to 18.8% of the population may suffer a copper deficiency. Being deficient in the mineral can cause health-related problems, including poor red blood cell production.

In this post, we look at the benefits of taking a copper supplement. We also share some of the best copper supplements that are currently available on the market.

What Is Copper?

Copper is a mineral that is also classified as heavy metal. Even though a heavy metal, it is important to note that the human body needs a small amount of copper to function normally.

There are, however, other heavy metals that are harmful to the body. These usually include arsenic, mercury, and lead.

A trace amount of copper is needed to allow certain functions in the body to work normally. At the same time, too much copper can be harmful too. Thus, careful consideration is needed when turning toward a copper supplement.

We highly recommend you speak with your doctor before taking ANY supplements.

What is a Copper Supplement?

Different types of copper supplements are available on the market today. These supplements will generally contain a very small amount of copper in each serving.

This allows a person to avoid suffering a copper deficiency but also ensures they do not get too much of this mineral into their body.

In most cases, copper supplements tend to come in the form of either a capsule or a liquid.

Special formulas are sometimes used in the liquid forms of copper supplements. These formulas focus on enhancing the absorption rate of the copper found in the product.

Why Take A Copper Supplement?

Copper plays several roles in the human body. It is important that people take note of what this mineral does and why they should prioritize getting enough copper each day.

Some of the functions that copper has in the body include:

  • The mineral helps to produce red blood cells
  • The mineral assists with the regulation of blood pressure levels
  • Heart rate is also regulated by copper
  • Copper helps with iron absorption in the body
  • The development of bone tissue, organs, and connective tissue relies on adequate levels of copper
  • Bone maintenance also depends on the body having enough copper
  • The immune system is activated by copper
  • Copper plays a role in keeping the heart and the brain healthy and functioning

Among men, there is another important function provided by copper. The mineral has been shown to assist in preventing prostate inflammation. This is a common condition often referred to as prostatitis.

Getting enough copper each day may help to reduce the risk of a man developing this condition.

The Top 9 Copper Supplements

Copper is a relatively simple supplement, and a person only needs a small amount of the mineral each day.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with copper supplements. The large selection of these supplements really makes it hard for the average person to choose a copper product that is right for them.

After some research, we filtered through a significant variety of copper supplements. We looked at many important factors to help us determine which are the best, and which ones may not provide the benefits that a person expects from these products.

1. NutriNoche Nano Colloidal Copper Liquid

Nutrinoche Nano Colloidal Copper Liquid

Our top option on our list is the NutriNoche Nano Colloidal Copper Liquid. It comes at a balanced price tag, which should still be relatively affordable for most people and offers a 30ppm dose of colloidal copper in every serving.

This is a specially formulated type of copper that can be readily absorbed by the user’s body. The result is a significant improvement in the overall bioavailability of the copper mineral.

This product is available in two different size options: a small eight-ounce bottle provides an adequate one-month supply or an alternative 32-ounce bottle is also available for people who want to buy in bulk.

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2. Swanson Copper Supplement

Swanson Copper Supplement

Those who are shopping for a copper supplement on a small budget should consider Swanson Copper. This is a basic copper supplement that gives a person everything they need to increase levels of copper in their body, without causing the person to spend too much money.

A total of 300 tablets are included in every bottle and each serving offers a 2mg dose of copper. It’s a good offer because you get 300 servings per bottle!

The manufacturer has over five decades of experience in the supplement industry and focuses on producing high-quality supplements. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered with the purchase of the product.

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3. Thorne Research Copper Bisglycinate Trace Mineral Supplement

Thorne Research Copper Bisglycinate Trace Mineral Supplement

Thorne Research Copper Bisglycinate Trace Mineral Supplement is a great option for people who are looking to buy a higher-quality supplement.

Extensive research has gone into the development of the formula behind this particular product. This leads to a copper supplement that offers an enhanced bioavailability of the active mineral.

It does come at a higher price tag compared to some competitor options and there are also only 60 capsules in each bottle.

A single serving consists of one capsule and provides a 2mg dose of copper. The copper is included as TRAACS Copper Bisglycinate Chelate. This product also contains leucine.

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4. WellnessOne Copper Liquid Ionic Mineral Supplement

Wellnessone Copper Liquid Ionic Mineral Supplement

WellnessOne Copper Liquid Ionic Mineral is an ideal product for those individuals who prefer not to use a capsule each day.

This product comes as a concentrated liquid and includes a dropper that is used to administer the supplement. The liquid is simply placed underneath the tongue.

Each bottle contains enough servings for a period of 100 days. This makes the product relatively affordable, even though the price tag may initially seem high.

A single dose of the supplement contains 2mg of copper and a serving consists of 10 drops.

The manufacturer does explain that the doses should be adequately adjusted based on who uses the supplement.

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5. Carlson Chelated Copper

Carlson Chelated Copper

Carlson Chelated Copper is a supplement that provides a high-quality product at a balanced price. This product comes in two different container sizes.

The smaller container provides a total of 100 tablets and the bigger container offers 250 tablets in total.

It also uses a special formula to help improve the body’s ability to absorb the copper found in the supplements effectively.

Carlson Chelated Copper is a rather potent supplement with each serving of the product offers a 5mg dose of copper.

A person should consider who will be using the product and determine if the 5mg dose could be too high for the user. Remember that too much copper can be dangerous.

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6. The Vitamin Shoppe Copper Supplement

The Vitamin Shoppe Copper Supplement

Vitamin Shoppe is a trusted brand among customers and offers quality supplements. Their Copper 2MG Supplement is a basic, yet high-quality, and effective supplement.

It is also one of the more affordable options that are available on our list of the best copper supplements.

Each serving provides a 2 mg dose of copper and a single serving consists of one single tablet. There are a total of 100 servings included in each container. This provides an adequate supply for more than three months.

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7. Good State Natural Ionic Copper Supplement

Good State Natural Ionic Copper Supplement

Good State Natural Ionic Copper is another concentrated option that provides a formula that enhances the absorption rate of the copper in the product. It features nano-sized mineral technology which makes the copper in the supplement distribute through the body more effectively.

This product does come at a higher price tag compared to some of the other supplements available. Each bottle contains 1.6 Fl oz of the liquid supplement and there is a 2 mg dose of copper in each serving. The drops are added to a glass of water and not directly into the user’s mouth.

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8. Eniva Health Liquid Ionic Copper Supplement

Eniva Health Liquid Ionic Copper Supplement

Next up is the Eniva Health Liquid Ionic Copper Supplement. This is one of the priciest options on our list, but the quality is truly unmatched.

What makes the product so unique is the fact that it was formulated and developed by a group of doctors. The supplement contains no added sugar or calories and is ideal for people following a ketogenic diet.

A single bottle of the supplement contains 16 oz of the solution. A single teaspoon of the liquid solution should be consumed each day. This offers a 0.5 mg dose of copper.

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9. Solgar Chelated Copper Tablets

Solgar Chelated Copper Tablets

The final option on our list is Solgar Chelated Copper, which comes at a very affordable price tag, making the product easily available for those on a tighter budget.

Each bottle offers a total of 100 tablets, providing servings for more than three months in a single container.

The tablets contain a special formula that focuses on enhancing the bioavailability of the copper included in the supplement. Each serving offers 2.5 mg of copper. 

The supplement is free of gluten, dairy, yeast, and sugar. There are no artificial flavorants used in the production of the supplement.

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How We Ranked These Copper Supplements

To choose a copper supplement that is safe, effective, and worth the investment, there are a few things that a person has to take into consideration.

Below is a list of the factors that we decided to take into consideration when we looked for the best copper supplements.

  • Brand: We always consider the brand that manufactures a supplement an important factor to look at. Some brands have made a reputation for themselves. This allows us to get a better view of the expected quality of a copper supplement. Brands with a positive reputation are more likely to produce a higher quality copper supplement.
  • Administration method: Different types of these supplements exist. This really comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer pills, while others may rather prefer a liquid form or a dropper. We did consider the different administration methods and ensured we included both liquid and pill-based supplements.
  • Reviews: Taking a look at reviews that were left by previous buyers is important too. This would give us an idea if previous customers were able to benefit from the supplement. We are also able to filter out products that do not seem effective or cause adverse events.
  • Dosage: Too much copper can be harmful. This is why looking at the dosage of the copper supplement is a critical factor too. The supplement should offer enough copper for the user to benefit, but without causing toxicity.
  • Price: Copper supplements are generally considered relatively affordable. There are some products that do seem to be on the higher side of the pricing scale. We looked at the quality, formula, manufacturing method – and compared this to the price of each product. 


There are several copper supplements available on the market at the moment. Many of these are able to help a person get enough of this mineral to support red blood cell production and other essential functions.

Some, however, may not deliver an appropriate dosage or contains a formula that will not be easily absorbed by the human body.

We shared the top options that people should consider in this post. Take a closer look at each to find the one that matches your needs and preferences, while still fitting into your budget.

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