About VaHealth

Welcome to Vitality and Health!

VaHealth’s main goal is to bring clarity into an industry that can be confusing. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive information on health and fitness products.

The health industry is exploding in popularity and with that, unfortunately, comes a lot of turbulence.

There are tons of companies popping up, some that are doing their best to introduce amazing products to the market and the people in need, and some that aren’t doing as good of a job at that.

Cutting corners, using poor-quality ingredients, making extravagant claims, these are all unfortunate symptoms of a fast-growing industry that many see as a quick way to riches.

Because of this, we strive to pick through the misinformation and present our readers with quality information that is evidence-based, properly researched, accurate, unbiased and most importantly, easy to understand.

What is Our Methodology?

In order to provide you with the best possible information on products, our team goes through the latest research and use it to set criteria for product recommendations. Along with that, we take a look at the companies themselves to judge them based on things such as:

  • Overall Quality
  • Transparency
  • Value
  • User Experience & Feedback
  • Website/Buying Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Label Analyzation
  • Availability
  • And More!

We also keep an eye out for the latest news in the herbal world and especially any legal changes.

Medical Disclaimer

While we try our best to present you with the highest quality content possible, we are NOT medical professionals and CANNOT give you any sort of medical advice.

Our content is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be used to diagnose, manage or treat any diseases or illnesses.

We do not assume liability for any actions undertaken after reading the information on vahealth.org.

Make sure to ALWAYS talk to your doctor before taking any herbal product (or any other supplements).