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Nutrition Courses Online

The Nutrition Courses Online are self-paced, competency-based modules, providing basic training for staff who do not have a nutrition education background. The courses are for staff who want to work as nutrition assistants and can be used and as an orientation for all staff to the WIC Program.

The focus is basic nutrition education and WIC program information. The web-based program allows us to "enroll" WIC staff from any location with a minimum of equipment and expense.

The course is designed for self-study, practice, observation and evaluation within the trainee's work environment. Each module consists of the educational content and tests on the web, and the activities to be completed in the WIC clinics, under supervision of a preceptor. This "on-the-job" training allows direct application of information and immediate practice to build skills and proficiency.

Why use this course?

The WIC Nutrition 101 has 11 modules available as part of the Nutrition Courses Online.

The 11 modules are:

  1. What is WIC?
  2. What are the Rights & Responsibilities of WIC Participants?
  3. What Do I Need to Know about Nutrition?
  4. What are the Nutrition needs of WIC Participants?
  5. How is Information Collected for WIC Risk Assessments?
  6. How is Nutrition Eligibility Determined?
  7. How is Nutrition Education Provided?
  8. Cross-Cultural Counseling
  9. Counseling and Communication
  10. Breastfeeding
  11. Customer Service

For more information or to enroll, contact: Cedric A. Broyles by e-mail or by calling 804-864-7817.

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