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Welcome to the Virginia Department of Health, Division of Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Division of Community Nutrition training website. Here you will find the most recent and up-to-date trainings available to Virginia WIC employees.

Healthy Futures

About Healthy Futures Lesson Plans:

Infancy Module: Prenatal to 9 month Health Visits:

Early Childhood: 12 Month to 4 Year Health Visits:

Middle Childhood: 5 and 6 Year Health Visits:

Evaluation and Assessment

WIC Nutrition 101

The purpose of WIC Nutrition 101, also known as 'The Modules', is to introduce the Virginia WIC Program and to explain its purpose and goals to those who may not be familiar and for those seeking a refresher with the material.It is intended for Virginia WIC employees in orientation, those seeking official recognition as a Competent Professional Authority (CPA), those wishing to provide basic nutrition education and those furthering their studies for the dietetic internship program.

The course is designed for self-study, practice, observation and evaluation within the learners respective work environment. Each of the eleven modules consists of educational content and an associated test, and activities to be completed in the WIC clinics under supervision of a preceptor.

The 11 modules are:

Module 1:

What is WIC?

Module 2:

What are the Rights & Responsibilities of WIC Participants?

Module 3:

What Do I Need to Know about Nutrition?

Module 4:

What are the Nutrition needs of WIC Participants?

Module 5:

How is Information Collected for WIC Risk Assessments?

Module 6:

How is Nutrition Eligibility Determined?

Module 7:

How is Nutrition Education Provided?

Module 8:

What Should I Know About Other Cultures?

Module 9:

How Do I Best Communicate With and Counsel WIC Participants?

Module 10:

How Can I Best Promote Breastfeeding?

Module 11:

How Can We Make Our Service Outstanding?

WIC 101 Nutrition Needed Resources

WIC Nutrition 101 Registration Form
WIC Nutrition 101 Login Instructions
WIC Nutrition 101 Purpose 
Official Request for Observation

babyCAP Special Formula

The purpose of the special formula ordering and purchasing training is to familiarize all Virginia WIC staff, at the state and local agency level, with the proper procedures for ordering special formula from the Community Action Program (CAP) Distribution Center and to demystify what happens to the formula once it has been ordered.

This training also functions as a means of keeping WIC staff abreast of any updates and/or changes related to special formula and the Community Action Program (CAP) Distribution Center.

Racial/Ethnic Data Collection

The Racial/Ethnic Data Collection Training is intended to inform the user as to the purpose for collecting racial and ethnic information once a WIC participant has been deemed eligible for services and as to the proper procedures for doing so.


Anthropometric Procedurestraining

The WIC Program's nutrition assessment requires a current height/length and weight recording for all certifications or recertifications.  This information is then used by the WIC nutrition staff to assess appropriate growth and to tailor educational messages and food packages for the individual participant and family.  The accuracy of this collected data is critical to provide appropriate nutrition interventions, education, and referrals. 

The Anthropometric Training is intended to introduce you to resources that the Virginia WIC program makes available to its employees for training, orientation, and/or assessing staff skills in the area of anthropometrics.  The training will guide the learner through proper measuring procedures, show the correct way to record the data, and provide an opportunity to test the knowledge learned.

2010 WIC Conference Resource Materials

Listed below are the resource materials from the 2010 WIC Conference.

For more information or to enroll contact Cedric Broyles by e-mail or by calling 804-864-7817.

Last Updated: 01-23-2013

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