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Point of sale (POS)


Public Survey Report (PDF)

What to Expect

The VA WIC program is moving toward an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) based program. This program will be a benefit card based system, with a system of benefits transfer similar to a debit card. Each card has a Primary Account Number (PAN) and can be accessed by the client with a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The client can then use their WIC EBT card to redeem current active benefits at authorized WIC retailers.

In order to redeem current active benefits, a client would start by confirming their benefits by executing a balance inquiry before starting their shopping. Clients would then engage in their normal shopping, and proceed to the checkout. Once at the checkout, the WIC EBT client would swipe their card and enter their PIN number, in the same way one would use a debit card. The client's groceries would then be scanned, compared to their prescription, and then approved or denied based on the cardholder's benefit balance. Once the transaction is completed and approved, a receipt showing the details of the transaction and updated account balance will be printed, and the transaction will be completed.

The VA WIC program is looking forward to our transition into an EBT environment. We encourage any participants with questions or concerns to contact us at: Your thoughts are always appreciated.

Last Updated: 05-10-2013

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